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Coaching and consulting for your business, career and life

Rowena Mills of Avanzar Coaching and Consulting helps business owners and individuals navigate the change ripples that life brings. She travels alongside them on their journey to facilitate personal exploration, high quality thinking, and behavioural change within the contexts of business, career and personal development.

With deeper insights of your true core (personal motivations and beliefs), you will gain effective strategies to enable your ability to set clear outcomes for your business, career, or personal aspirations to successfully navigate change.

Based in Perth since 2008, clients come for business coaching, career coaching and life coaching, from all walks of life – financial analysts, mining engineers, CEOs, small business owners, salesmen, change managers, career mothers, artists and team managers to name a few – while their lives and change ripples differ, they all strive to explore new opportunities to remove roadblocks and move forward with confidence in their own ability to construct their unique solution.

When Individuals are reconnected with their true core, they are then enabled to truly connect with their families, their co-workers and their communities. As they begin to flow again, the single drop ripple flows to becomes a wave of learning and growth.


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Rowena had such a gentle and compassionate way of looking at the key areas of my life and teasing out the small things that could make a huge difference to my marriage, career and financial security.

I now feel I am actively working towards a better work/ life balance. Thanks so much Rowena, your services made a difference.

wife, mother, independent midwife & small business owner (The Conscious Conception and Birth Centre)


Coaching with Rowena gave me a sense of perspective that empowered me with the confidence to trust myself and take opportunities to be proactive rather than hesitating and relying on cues from others.

The most valuable aspect of my coaching with Rowena was the way she helped me see where I could do things differently to add value but at the same time validating the way I have been working in the past. I really felt that she was trying to enhance the way I worked, rather than trying to change my approach. Her approach has really liberated me and has helped me to feel empowered in my workplace.

mother, change management consultant


Throughout our sessions Rowena has guided me down the right path with some easy to understand coaching methods that have been very beneficial to my business and I have already seen some positive results.

I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Rowena’s coaching sessions and would recommend to everybody that wants to progress and improve their own business, it is well worth it.

small business owner (Vintage Tuckpointing)

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