Case Study


Hockey WA (consultation engagement over 3 years)


Facilitate strategy planning with Board and Senior Management Team, Mentoring with CEO, PDR review and process implementation, Coaching with Management Team, Facilitate improved CEO and Board Working Relationship, Stakeholder engagement with membership, and governance process improvement and reporting to the regulator.


Executive Coach, Facilitator, Change Manager and Process Improvement Consultant - Rowena remains a current member of the Risk & Governance Board Sub Committee
Avanzar business coaching room set up

Project Outcome:

  • Enhance effective communication within a complex stakeholder environment
  • Alignment of services to organisation strategic objectives through developed business planning process and ownership from senior managers down.
  • Facilitate improved management performance (CEO and his direct reports) through business planning process and accountability metrics co-developed through facilitation.
  • Solution based decision making process for management team developed
  • Review of Performance Development Review (PDR) process to align to strategic objectives and implement change process across all areas of the organisation
  • Review of CEO reporting process to Board to increase long term strategic focus to increase clarity and decision-making focus
  • Facilitate improved working relationship between CEO and Board through mentoring, and communication and reporting improvement

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