Case Study


Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd Resources Division (fulltime for 3 years)


Following the completion of the eBiz Review project, the recommendation to migrate the existing Maximo and JDE platform to Oracle was approved, including the new development areas of Asset Maintenance, Quality, Inventory and significant improvements to Contract Financials. Project scope included the development, testing and integration of the newly developed areas with the existing ERP platform to deploy the full solution to the Mining Division and one Infrastructure pilot site. Implementations were phased across the duration of the project and to different mine sites to reduce risk and reliance on alternate system solutions. The project represented a $22m investment over a 2 year period to 32 mining sites and 1400 end users across Australia and New Zealand and 3 corporate offices in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. The solution footprint included 22 modules, of which 17 were either full developed or significantly enhanced, and the delivery of over 60 new custom reports.


eBiz Full Solution Development and Deployment – Program Manager
Avanzar business coaching room set up

Project Outcome:

The project has laid the foundations for Leighton Contractor’s to:

Realise business benefits through centralising their Asset Management across their network of Mining sites, enabling improved utilisation of their mobile fleet, data control and decision making of asset transfers; improved stock control in Tyre and Fuel Management; reduction in direct purchasing of spares relating to asset maintenance; single procurement system & ability to introduce Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) for Maintenance; sub- contractor timesheet management and preferred supplier agreements; and savings on multiple systems licensing and annual support fees.

Realise business benefits through streamlining the Cost Management to Client Claim & Invoicing processes across the Mining Division, enabling improved accuracy and completeness of Debtors; increase contract performance management; improved cash forecasting;  improved variation tracking and management; removal of manual invoice generation; removal of manual reconciliations between GL and Project Ledger; and reduced data entry effort and potential for error of re-keying costs across multiple systems.

By completing the Asset Management & Inventory solution and business process national alignment, we were able to reduce direct purchasing expenditure by 5%; reduce FTE in centralised Maintenance functions; 1% improvement to Plant expenditure and asset rate matching; reduced waste and lower held inventory by 3%; reduce 2% of total annual tyre spend through accurate tracking; Support & Maintenance costs decreased by 12% with removal of multiple systems.

By completing the Contract Financials solution and business process national alignment, we were able to improve the margin and performance management across all Mining operation contracts by 2%; improved under claim management by 6% of revenue on a monthly basis; and 3% revenue gain on unclaimed variations.

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